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cartwheel time

where's my knife

battle time ..usa
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This shit is set for those who are / want to become BATTLE READY

It is being ready for a throw down at all times.
When the chaos dominates, will you fight or flee?

We live in turbulent times. Terrorism, War, and Social Injustice prevail in our modern world. Are you prepared?

Battle Ready is someone who is ready to throw down when shit hits the fan. It is more than a fashion statement. It is Clarity, Awareness of your surroundings, Unity of your comrades, Self Sufficiency, and Effective Execution of the means to survive in this world.

Unlike the recent trendy fads, it is our like-minded mentality that bonds the Battle Ready community. From gatherings, online communities and lifestyle being Battle Ready speaks the language of today’s generation.

Tell us about your:
Survival Stories!!
Near Death Experiences!!
Fighting Ghosts!!
Living on the Edge!!!

Tell Us!!
Any fighting /saving people photos-Post Them!!
Know any good kicking ass songs- Post Them!!
Don't know what to do in a fucked sitution!!
We Do!!
Live it, Love it , Learn it

Are you hot and can fight? Show Us!
Can't fight and dont know what to wear? Ask Us!
Got an issue you need to solve? Maybe we can Help!
Don't like someones attitude? Yell That Shit Here!

we are your mods:




do not FUCK with us!

NEW MEMBERS: to become part of BATTLE READY, a few things are required upon your joining the community.
Your first entry to the community page submit the following items:
A Picture of You: We need this to make your Battle Ready Badge, wear it with pride.
Pictures of your Battle Ready Squad: Your own army is a must for Battle Ready.
10 Reasons Why You are Battle Ready: List Em!