The Broken Clockwork Soldier (blackoutdaddy) wrote in battle_ready,
The Broken Clockwork Soldier

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I am new to this community, but I have been battle ready for many years.

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There is me in my National Guard beret, previous to a drill.

before I joined the National Guard, I was in the Marine Corps, I tell people I am still a Marine, I just happen to be in a Guard unit.

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There are the "Lost Boys". 4 Marines in a Scout team, our Hospital Corpsman had more kills than most Infantry Platoons.

Ten Reasons why I am Battle Ready, it was hard to narrow it down to just ten.

1. First and fore most, I am a Warrior, my mind is sharp and my body is a weapon.
2. 6 Years in the Marines, MOS 0351 Anti-tank Assaultman and 0311 Rifleman. Sergeant.
3. Two tours in Iraq, 1 tour in Southeast Asia.
4. I am proffeciant with every weapon from a knife up to a guided missle.
5. I don't need a weapon. Marine Corps Martial Arts Tan belt, as well as training in Krav Maga and I box 2 nights a week at my college.
6. I am the number one over all shooter at SIU, Pistol and Rifle
7. When it comes to guns, I am like a squirrel with nuts, I save them for a rainy day. I have enough weapons to arm all of my friends, and I have 10,000 rds of ammo in the house.
8. I hit the gym every other day.
9. Try to run, I am getting a little slow of late, but I can still run 3 miles in 20 Minutes, and still have enough wind to kick the snot out of someone.
10. I am currently a Member of the IL NG, and in the Largest Infantry Battalion in the National Guard, the 2nd of the 130 infantry "Blackhawk" Battalion.
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