The Broken Clockwork Soldier (blackoutdaddy) wrote in battle_ready,
The Broken Clockwork Soldier

Realistic Martial Arts

There is a club at Southern Illinois University that deals with mixed Martial Arts. Their instructor comes to boxing with us periodically and I got the website off his shirt. It does have some interesting articles dealing with unarmed combat and the what not.

The views expressed in the articles on the website mesh very well with the ideas I have about unarmed combat. They talk alot of trash about traditional martial arts. I heard a comedian talk about going to Karate and learning things that only work on someone who is fighting you with Karate. This is more true than alot of martial artists are willing to admit.

I figured that I could share this information and get one of you interested so I can have a sparing partner for when I am in Atlanta this summer.
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